Stoyanka village, 21, Kiev region, Ukraine
warehouse complex
West Gate Logistic
block 2D
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ZIP 08114


Experience of qualitative professionals, using new technologies and a convenient geographical location made it possible for us to develop our Logistics company to the rapidly growing modern company which provides an outsourcing of logistics services.  It is storage and warehouse handling, customs clearance, and VAS (metro-units formation (forming), completed promotional kits), transportation in Kiev area, in all Ukraine, and in the world.


WAREHOUSE’S CHARACTERISTICS. Storage facilities and infrastructure.

1. Warehouse complex class "A"
2. Location:
- Circumurban road: 9km
- Kiev Border: 2km
- Center of Kiev (Khreschatyk Str): 20km
- Route E-40/M-06 (Zhytomyr): direct access (facade)
- Route E-95/M-05 (Odessa): 12km
- Route E-373/M-07 (Warsaw, Gostomel): 20km
- The M-04 (Obukhov): 30km
3. The developer is an international company GLD Invest (Austria)
4. The
start point of the warehouse - October 2008

5. The storage area-15 000m ², office space - 800 m² (with the possibility of extension).
- Specialized place for storage of very important goods;
- Specialized warehouse - refrigerator for food storage with temperature from +8 to +12 C°, space 288m ²;
- The number of pallets for shelf storage - 20 000;
- Ceiling height warehouse - 12m;
- Grid column - 12m x 24m;
- Floor load - 5000 kg / m²;
- Concrete floor coating dust and moisture protection 11;
- Number of gates - 13 dock gates;
- Storage racking system – frontal racks, 6 levels of standard pallets 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.75 in storage area;
- Shelving racks for small-pieces products with a mesh size 0.6 x 0.5 x 1.35.

6. Workshop package (metroyunit, gifts and promotional kits), to provide services for stikirovke, labeling, shrink-wrapping.
- Workshop for repacking food - 1240m²;;
- Workshop for repackaging goods FMCG - 860m²;
- 3 belt conveyor. 7 termoupakochnyh machines.
7. Office space 800m² with all the life-supporting systems. All forms of communication (telephone, internet).
8. Safety. Automatic fire sprinkler system. Internal and external security, CCTV. Special staff monitoring and controlling. Day-and-night warehouse control system.
9. Automation of warehouse management.
Automated Warehouse Management System - WMS Logistic Vision III:
- Addressed storage;
- Automatic control of processes via radio terminals.
10. Cargo-handling equipment from leading European manufacturer STILL: stackers, forklifts, electric-powered.