Stoyanka village, 21, Kiev region, Ukraine
warehouse complex
West Gate Logistic
block 2D
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Services - Customs brokerage services

Service FEA, which provides logistics company "Logistic Plus":
    - Transportation of goods from all around the world;
    - Storage and forwarding services in Europe;
    - Customs clearance at all TGO Kiev, Kiev region. Completion of all customs formalities related to foreign economic operations;
    - Calculation of customs duties and codes
FEA UPC selection ;
    - Advice on matters relating to the registration of FEA;
    - Obtaining all necessary permits;
    - Companies accreditation at a customs office;
    - Complete confidentiality.


All the cargo require clearance in Ukraine regardless of size, value and country of origin.

Customs clearance - the final stage of FEA operations - requires some effort, experience and knowledge of the man who carries. For providing successful registration of delivered goods it is necessary not only to collect the required set of documents, but also check the registration and fill the required information. Huge experience of our team in collaboration with the European logistics companies and warehouses, customs clearance, and interaction with customs authorities make opportunities to make this process without any kind of delays. Customs clearance is performed by qualified experts.

Providing transportation services, international cargo transportation by all modes of transport, we guarantee goods delivery at the right time and place.
WAS is familiar with the features of the European and Ukrainian markets geography. We are experienced and skillful team.

Official status of our company confirmed Ukrainian Customs Broker Licensed № 480036.