Stoyanka village, 21, Kiev region, Ukraine
warehouse complex
West Gate Logistic
block 2D
(044) 498-91-78
ZIP 08114

Services - Repackaging services

Logistics company "Logistics-Plus" provides quality service and individual approach for configuration and assembly of customer’s orders.

Space for repacking food - 1240
Space for repacking goods FMCG - 860


- 3 belt conveyors, 4 stations of gravity with a total capacity up to 30,000 sets per shift.
- 5 thermo packing machines for METRO and others with a total capacity of up to 38,000 sets per shift.

This modern equipment provides an opportunity for in terms of any customer order.

Package department services:

- Sorting and packaging of products
- Metro-units packaging
- Completion of gift-sets
- Packaging of promotional kits
- Formation of the commodity lots
- Wrapping, labeling, stickering
- Thermo packaging.

Our great experience makes us capable to carry out orders of any complexity.