Stoyanka village, 21, Kiev region, Ukraine
warehouse complex
West Gate Logistic
block 2D
(044) 498-91-78
ZIP 08114



1. Convenient and comfortable geographic location of our warehouse
- Storage at the 21st km of the international road E-40 makes it possible to reduce the cost of goods flow from Europe;
- A convenient base for the goods distribution in Ukraine;
- We are located two kilometers from the city. That is why we can receive and unload your vehicle at any time. That is especially important and usefull nowdays, because it’s forbidden for the large vehicles (over 4,5 tons) to enter into Kiev from 7-00 to 20-00 (by authorities)
2. Outsourcing of integrated logistics
No need to construct, equip, manage, and control your own warehouse. In that case you have opportunity to invest assets into your ordinary and focus only on it.
3. Successful experience of partnership with multibrand produsers
4. ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate
5. Good combination of price and quality of our services
- The client pays only for the space and the services he/she uses. You won’t invest your assets in the future within the increasing of the volume. Also you have opportunity to create buffer stock very quickly.
- The client gets a clear budget for warehousing and other services.
6. We have modern WMS system Logistic Vision. That is full automation of warehouse management.
WMS system guarantees 100% accurate records of goods in quantity, assortment, shelf life, etc., as in the time of arrival and storage, and during the difficult picking and shipping of all the goods. It can be achieve by full automating of the storage process and reducing the share of the human factor.
7. Extra services: marking, stickering and forming sets of metro-units.
8. 20 units of our small and large cars can solve all your transport challenges of delivering the goods to Kiev and Ukraine
9. Distribution.
We provide goods delivering to the different parts of Kiev and Ukraine by using our transport system designed to route traffic, technology, picking and loading of cars running WMS and special storage equipment.
10. The existence of the problem area and the area of marriage, as well as the company"s quality of service ensures your customers receive only quality products.
11. Safety
12. Liability
Minimizing possible losses during storage of products ensures our full liability indemnity, shortages and defects

By using our services, you will save your time, money and will be able to concentrate effort on your core business.

If you have any questions, please contact our consultants +380 44 498-91-78 or email