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Sergey Stupak
Sergey Stupak
Natalia Bondarenko
Natalia Bondarenko
Valerii Goretskiy
Valerii Goretskiy

Today Logistic Plus Ukraine is a community of 337 professionals,

Most of them have been working in company since its establishment (more than 10 years). Our team is the main value and the main resource of the company. Growth and development of employees is the main priority of the personnel department. We take a responsible approach to the selection of new team members and take care of everyone who is ready to lead the company forward.
Activity 100%
Responsibility 100%
Teamworking 100%
Resulting 100%
Our address:

Ukraine, 08114
Kyivska oblast,
Stoyanka, Zhytomyrske hway 21,
Warehouse complex Westgate Logistic, block 2D.

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