Infrormation about Logistic Plus Company

Safe transportation and reliable logistics in Ukraine

Reliable transportation of goods and professional logistics in Ukraine

Logistic Plus Ukraine is part of a group of companies founded in 1992

1992 year

— distribution and service of appliances in Ukraine.

1995 year

— distribution of FMCG goods in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

2008 year

— creation of logistics direction.

2011 year

— purchase of an office center in Kyiv.
Logistics is the main type of our professional activity. Carrying out our work, we are guided by the principles of decent and honest business. Entrusting us with your cargo, you can be sure of safety and timely delivery of goods to the destination..

Today, the Company Logistic Plus Ukraine has the status of reliable and stable, according to our customers and partners. For all that time, we were able to prove our ability to perform our job efficiently, we were entrusted by large companies in Europe and Ukraine.

  • Vision:

    Logistic Plus – International scale company, 3PL operator of the global logistics services market with logistics terminals in major cities in Europe and all over the world.

    To satisfy all the needs of the logistics market and make the business of our customers convenient and hassle-free. To make difficult things simple by optimizing all the resources spent on logistics tasks. Make our services affordable and corresponding to all quality standards. We want to be the answer to the most inconvenient tasks in all logistics. We are creating new logistics with a new approach.
  • Mission:

    Make the business of our customers profitable, convenient and productive, taking onboard all logistics processes - from transportation to delivery to the final customer, with intermediate service in the company's warehouses. Provide top-level service using the most productive and modern logistics solutions.
  • Our goals:

    • To provide a high level of service.
    • To construct a warehouse complex in Kyiv, class A and B.
    • To create a new revolutionary approach in logistics of 21st century.
    • To exceed Expectations!
  • Values and benefits:

    • Honesty and decency.
    • Responsibility.
    • Respect.
    • High speed of processing.
    • Minimum number of errors when storing goods.
    • Minimal chance of damage to the cargo..
    • In-time cargo issue .
    • Warehouse location convenience.
  • Principles:

    We consider the law of cause and effect:
    • To treat partners as we want them to treat us.
    • To Simplify the difficult things.
    • To Bring to the end what we have started.



ISO 9001

— a set of international standards that form a set of requirements for quality management systems.

Competitive advantages of implementing a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard:

  • The implementation of the ISO 9001 standard shows the strategic approach of the company's executives to management systems;
  • Improving productivity and efficiency of work processes and more successful risk management;
  • ISO 9001 helps to identify weaknesses in teamwork faster and, by eliminating them, increases the efficiency of work organization;
  • Certification simplifies the process of performance evaluation;
  • Attracting investment and strengthening the reputation;
  • The implementation of the ISO 9001 standard demonstrates the high standards of the logistics company and the principles of continuous improvement, improving the quality of services, reducing unnecessary operations and waste volumes, as well as reducing the number of complaints from customers;
  • ISO 9001 shows that a company that invests in ISO 9001 certification has stable growth and higher profitability compared to competitors.
Our address:

Ukraine, 08114,
Kyivska Oblast,
Bilohorodka village, Kompressorna str 3A,
Warehouse complex AMTEL-2.

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