Savings funds
with VAS services
from Logistic Plus

Today every customer of a logistics company wants to receive not only quality delivery, but also comprehensive service. It does not make sense for customers to spend time looking for individual companies engaged in documentation services, repackaging and processing of goods, when they can enter into a comprehensive cooperation with one company. Logistic Plus offers its customers VAS services that include consumer product labeling, repackaging and other services required by b2c and b2b.

Vas services: what is it
and why is it profitable?

VAS or value added service is an added service. This is pre-sale service provided by 3PL operators. VAS services cover the following procedures:

  • Repackaging of goods, which is carried out to reshape the cargo.
  • Complete set of gift sets. Many stores use this marketing move to increase sales.
  • Thermal packaging. Some products must be transported in airtight boxes. This does not spoil the content. In addition, this completes some gift and promotional sets.
  • Marking. Now on the market the presence of a sticker in the Ukrainian language on the goods of foreign production became an obligatory condition. This is necessary because every buyer has the right to know the necessary information about the product and composition, but is not required to know other languages. Thus, the labeling of consumer goods has become an integral part of logistics services.
  • Embedding certificates, promotional materials and instructions in boxes with goods.

VAS services help ensure that goods arrive at their destination in a proper manner. If you compare the cost of each individual operator, which must be found and hired, the price of VAS services in a logistics company is much lower. The cost is not necessarily affected by the terms of work - orders are executed either day by day, or in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

The most common market demands are the labeling of consumer goods and repackaging of products in plastic wrap

VAS services from Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus provides VAS services of various types. Each warehouse of our company has the necessary set of equipment for repackaging. We also provide sticking services. If necessary, we place the customer's goods in their warehouses in the Kiev region for temporary or long-term storage.
Advantages of Logistic Plus:

  • Quality materials that guarantee the protection of products on the road and preserve the appearance of products.
  • Operational work. Logistic Plus is ready to take orders that are needed even "till yesterday".
  • Individual approach and careful attitude to users' products. Damage to the goods in Logistic Plus is impossible, because we value the trust of everyone who came to our company.

    You can order VAS services by contacting our managers by phone, or in any convenient way. All company contacts are on the main page.
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