International freight: the benefits of Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus is a transport and logistics company engaged in road freight transportation in Ukraine and abroad. Today, many companies conduct international trade, which requires timely transportation. It is unprofitable to keep your own fleet if there is no daily delivery, as well as to keep a staff of drivers, security guards and mechanics. Often cars in the garage just stagnate.
International trucking solves this problem and gives the best value for money. The machines of the 3PL-operator Logistic Plus fly to any country in Europe, including the CIS. Our logisticians competently make a route thanks to what delivery passes quickly, stably and without problems at borders.

International freight with 3PL-operator Logistic Plus

International freight companies must not only be able to deliver the vehicle quickly, but also fully optimize all costs associated with the process. Goods delivered by trucks are classified into several types: fast delivery, which require certain conditions of transportation, small or large in volume, etc. Depending on this, we are selecting the vehicle and the optimal route.
Prices for international transportation vary depending on the quantity of goods, the distance traveled and the speed of work. If necessary, the client can set additional parameters and order additional services.

  • The price and quality are optimal, because we choose the optimal vehicle, taking into account the type and volume of the party. It is possible to transport both small cargo, and from 3-5 tons at a time.
  • You can pick up the goods from the customer's warehouse at any time and in any place.
  • International trucking is carried out at any time of year and in difficult weather conditions.
  • The scheme of such transportation is called "from house to house". The machine picks up the goods from your warehouse or production and delivers them to the specified address.
  • You can control the location of the cargo and the situation on the road through constant communication with the driver. The relocation report is provided at the first request of the customer.
  • The insurance process, through which companies take responsibility for the international transportation of goods.
  • If necessary, security and support are easily organized.

Logistic Plus is one of the leading logistics companies in Ukraine

Logistic Plus organizes cargo transportation in Ukraine and abroad. We not only provide transport, warehousing and logistics services, but also help getting ready the documents, track the speed and quality of transportation. We have been on the market for over 13 years and have fully established algorithms at all stages of delivery.

Prices for international road transport vary depending on external and internal factors. If you need to calculate the exact amount, call our managers and they will give competent answers and calculations according to your requirements.


Competent logistics requires a comprehensive approach to the formation of a package of documents. For transportation of goods across Ukraine it will be enough to issue a waybill, documents for the goods and a contract with a logistics company. If the transportation takes place in a closed container, a document confirming the permission for transportation of this type may be required.
International transportation of goods requires the study of the laws of different countries. In addition to working with customs, where you need to pass control, it is important not to forget about the agreements that comply with the laws of the two countries. Logistic Plus independently studies all the intricacies and forms a package of documents.

Types of documents for international freight:

  • Cargo description. These include invoices, packing lists, certificates, etc. As some groups of goods require transportation in closed containers, the documents describe the contents as accurately as possible. It is a common practice to use UKTZED to save time.

  • Invoices in CMR format. For international transportation by transport it is necessary to draw up a certain set of documents in accordance with the requirements of the country.

  • Permissions to import and export content. These include certificates confirming that the product has passed inspection.

3PL-operator Logistic Plus deals with these issues independently. For many years we have been engaged in customs brokerage at border crossings. Our clients are exempt from financial and labor costs. Moreover, you can be sure that there are no delays at customs.

Types of international freight
Logistic Plus

3PL-operator Logistic Plus guarantees an individual approach to the formation of transportation for each customer. We work with all cargoes and are ready to offer international cargo transportation:

  • In containers. This type of transportation guarantees 100% preservation of the goods. At container transportations the cargo moves only boxing. The goods are not removed from the containers, which ensures its safety.

  • In refrigerators. It is used for transportation of goods with a limited shelf life, or for those that require a certain temperature regime (medicines).

  • In vans with an open top, which is covered with a tarpaulin. It often transports grain or substances similar in structure.

  • In tanks. They are used for international transportation of liquid or gaseous materials. Sometimes they are supplemented with a special coating that can maintain a given temperature for a long time.
For small goods, Logistic Plus offers groupage services. We take your goods, if necessary, place it in their warehouses in the Kiev region, select the order to complete the truck and send the goods. International shipments can be made to one or more cities, depending on your needs.
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