Lease of warehouses in Kiev from Logistic Plus Company

Buying a warehouse for the company is a serious step that requires a balanced decision and constant financial infusions, as the warehouses should be constantly maintained in good condition.
Now many people refuse such expenses in favor of renting storage space. This allows you to use the room only for a certain time. The leased warehouse will be fully equipped and ready to work.
Most communication centers come from the capital of Ukraine, so the lease of warehouses in Kiev is becoming increasingly popular. Logistic Plus offers a full range of services: fulfilment, responsible storage, fresh storage, loading and unloading of goods, transportation and documentation from receipt to unloading at the point of arrival.

Warehouse rental Kiev:
why is it profitable?

Lease of warehouses in Kyiv is the transfer of goods for a selected period to a 3PL-operator for storage and operations. You can store in boxes almost all types of goods:

  • Clothes - this includes all categories of goods related to textiles (fabrics, shoes, clothing, and textiles).
  • Furniture of any plan in the assembled and disassembled kind. The price for renting a warehouse in Kyiv in disassembled form is lower, as the product takes up less space, but it is often more convenient for the customer to inspect the finished model.
  • Building materials, sports equipment, household appliances, etc.
  • Food and medicine. As they require a certain temperature regime, warehouses with refrigerators have been specially equipped for them.
  • Automobile spare parts, components for machinery and equipment.
At the request of the customer, the rental of a warehouse in Kyiv will include a wider range of services (marking (sticking), repackaging, accounting, etc.).
Responsible storage - temporary placement of goods under control until further transfer. The goods are kept in proper sanitary conditions; its condition is constantly monitored. Security with video surveillance. Fulfillment. Sticking, completion, formation of gift sets. Courier delivery of orders.
Prices for renting warehouses in Kiev vary depending on the size of the premises and the number of additional services you need. There is a concept of "reasonable warehouse rental". This is a long-term plan that will save 15-20% of the cost. Logistics companies that work with the transportation and storage of goods often make such a plan.

Logistic Plus: the benefits of renting warehouses in the company

Renting warehouses in Kyiv for manufactured goods has become common. Logistic Plus offers a full range of services that will save you a lot of budget. As Logistic Plus is a 3PL operator that has been on the market for over 13 years, the company's specialists are ready to provide solutions to all questions now.
    Advantages of working with Logistic Plus:

    • Monitoring of the goods in the warehouse and during its delivery are carried out 24 to 7, so you can request a report on the status on any day and get it soon.
    • The price for renting a warehouse depends on your individual requirements.
    • 24/7 security and record keeping. The warehouses are equipped with video cameras, fire alarms and are monitored around the clock by specialists.

        If you need to clarify the information, you can always contact the managers of Logistic Plus. They will calculate how much the service will cost and tell you how to choose the best offer.
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