Freight transportation in Ukraine with Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus offers its customers transport, logistics, and related services. Our field of activity is transportation of standard, combined, oversized and dangerous cargoes across all territory of Ukraine and abroad. Freight transportation as the most popular service is popular among small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and large industries. The service allows you to reduce the load on your own fleet or not to use your own transport at all. This once again confirms that outsourcing freight to a 3PL operator is a profitable and efficient solution.
3PL-operator provides a complex service and allows you to avoid working with several intermediaries and performers. This simplifies control over the entire process, minimizes damage to the cargo and always strictly adheres to delivery times. When working with Logistic Plus, you receive a 100% guarantee that the goods will arrive at their destination without damage and in accordance with certain deadlines, and the responsibility for the transportation process lies entirely on the logistics company.

Freight transportation in Ukraine:
what it is and who will benefit from it

Freight transportation in Ukraine is the transportation of a large volume of goods, for example, from production to a warehouse or distribution point.
Depending on the place of acceptance and transfer of goods there are four types of transportation:

  • From warehouse to warehouse. The vehicle arrives at the warehouse, we load the products and take them to the destination.
  • From the door to the warehouse. Logistic Plus employees come to the company, or to any other point, load goods or containers and bring the goods to the warehouse.
  • From the warehouse to the door. The process is reversed to the previous paragraph. We carry out delivery from a warehouse to a distribution point, if necessary we unload containers in a destination.
  • Door to door. Individuals most often order this type. It consists in receiving the goods and delivering them to the specified addresses.

Types of cargo differ not only in the place of departure and in the place of arrival of the car, but also in the method of delivery. Trucks, cars, trailers and other types of trucks can carry out transportation to Ukraine. The choice depends on the size, type and weight of the load to be moved. The larger the volume, the more load the car needs. Logistic Plus has a large fleet in its arsenal, so logisticians choose a profitable and appropriate option for each flight.

How freight prices are formed

The pricing policy of the 3PL-operator Logistic Plus is based on the principles of transparency and stability of the cost of services. Depends on the main factors: direction, length of the route, type and volume of cargo to be transported. Tariffs of our company are stable and do not change after the conclusion of the contract. We immediately calculate all the risks and set the cost of the necessary services, so the price of freight will remain the same as in the contract.

The most popular destinations in Ukraine are the capital, regional centers, cities with freight crossings across the Dnieper River, as well as industrial settlements. Freight transportations in Logistic Plus are carried out within the city, within the country and abroad.

When you order trucking in Logistic Plus, you get a competent development of the shortest route, transport that suits your cargo, the services of the necessary workers (warehouse staff, loaders, administrators), as well as loading and unloading equipment.

Advantages of freight transportation with Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus has been operating since 2008 and has extensive experience in various areas of business, well-equipped warehouses and its own fleet. We have collected in our arsenal the most necessary types of transport:

  • Grain trucks. This is a type of trailer on a truck, which is filled with grain. It is tightened on top with a tarpaulin or other dense fabric that allows air to pass through and protects the load.

  • Tanks. Often carry explosive or flammable liquids: gasoline, oil or chemicals.

  • Semitrailers with awning. They can transport almost any type of goods. They are attached to the truck and sent to any route.

  • Isothermal vans. They come in three sizes and are used to transport goods that need to be kept in special conditions. The metal structure maintains the required temperature and humidity for food, medicine, etc.

  • Dump trucks. They transport bulk, bulk and other goods, which are suitable for the type of unloading used in the dump truck.

  • Refrigerators. Used for the carriage of goods that require compliance with certain temperature and sanitary standards. Their cost is higher because the refrigeration equipment works.

Why companies trust their cargo to Logistic Plus?

Freight transportation with Logistic Plus is:

  • Transportation of goods of any type or complexity. Transparent price and compliance with sanitary norms.
  • Individual choice of route and transport for your type of cargo.
  • Freight transportation throughout the country and abroad.
  • Careful attitude to the company's budget.
  • Execution of all documentation, as well as providing reports at the request of the client.
  • Guarantee of quality of services.
You can order freight for different batches. For those who need to transport something small, we offer special terms. Because we will transport several batches from different customers in one trip, you do not pay the full cost, but only part of it.
Call and we will answer all your questions, form an order and start cooperation.
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