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Logistic Plus provides all necessary transport and logistics services, including container transportation of goods in Ukraine and the world. The difference of this type of delivery is that the goods are placed in containers in the warehouse, and unpacked only at the destination. Boxes are not opened on the road or when transferred to another vehicle. Workers carry only the container, not the goods, as is the case with other types of freight.
This approach allows you to comply with sanitary requirements and keep the product intact. Suitable for transporting food, valuable or fragile goods.

Feature of container transportation

Container transportation is the delivery of goods of any format in a special metal box. The type of containers can be different: refrigerators (temperature control), boxes without top or side walls (for fast transportation). Most often, container transportation is used in multimodal delivery, when several units of transport are involved on the route.

Container transportation requires a special package of documents. As the goods are not unloaded on the road, 3PL-operator Logistic Plus immediately draws up documents in accordance with modern requirements of the legislation on transportation of closed cargo.

If you need to change the truck or car, the container itself is moved, and the contents are not removed. This ensures safety during transportation.

Advantages of container transportation

The process of container transportation consists of several stages:

  • The goods are carefully placed in containers so they are not damaged on the road.
  • The containers are closed.
  • Execution of a package of documents for transportation (if necessary, including documents for customs).
  • The container is moved into the truck with the help of special equipment, after which the transport is sent from the warehouse. If it is necessary to change the truck, which often happens when crossing the border, move not the contents, but the container itself.
    Upon arrival, products are shipped to the specified address.

International container shipping is a multi-stage process that needs to be constantly monitored, but it has a number of advantages. Prices for container transportation are lower than for other types of delivery. They are safer and can be carried out at full or consolidated loading.

Services of 3PL-operator Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus carries out container transportation in Ukraine and Europe. The main warehouses of the company are located in the Kiev region that does delivery of freights fast in all areas of the country. In our arsenal, there are four different types of containers types for products:

  • For food and medicine – refrigerated container.
  • For transportation of liquids and gases - Tank with the built-in tank.
  • For small goods - Flatrack.
  • A container covered with an awning to leave the top open - Open Top.

Advantages of the 3PL operator Logistic Plus

  • Safe delivery. During normal transportation, goods of various types are packed in boxes, crates or bags with stretch film. When changing the machine, each of the boxes is manually overloaded, they often fall and damage. This is excluded in safe container transportation.
  • Container transportation for any cargo. We have transport of various freight that is equipped under the goods with special conditions of transportation.
  • Delivery to any distance in a pre-determined time.
Logistic Plus has a well-developed infrastructure, so it will be able to build a route with maximum savings of time and money. And the line operators will make sure that the goods are not delayed anywhere.
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