Cross-docking in
Logistic Plus Ukraine

Cross-docking is a delivery that focuses on high speed of service providing. Shipment and transportation of goods are fast, almost non-stop, and repacking, if necessary, is carried out in licensed warehouses. End-to-end warehousing means loading, unloading, stacking, delivery and storage of goods with maximum responsibility.
This type of service is most often used by entrepreneurs who supply goods in bulk or in large batches on a regular basis. Because cross-docking has the advantage of speed, it works best in case of limited delivery times necessity, when fast transportation is required.

Cross docking: principles of operation

Cross-docking services have several advantages:
  • Method of reloading from one vehicle to another. ,most in demand. if you want to unload the goods from the car transport unit and reload into a container and vice versa.
  • Delivery of goods brought from different suppliers in one direction. If you have a clothing store, which receives goods from different factories, then in order not to pay for individual machines tucks, all goods would be unloaded in one warehouse and sent to the consignee in one, consolidated truck.
  • If necessary, the goods from one manufacturer to be delivered to different addresses. Cross docking allows you to deliver the goods to a certain warehouse and then send it to the regions.

Cross docking from Logistic Plus

3PL-operator Logistic Plus provides full range of cross-docking services in Ukraine. We efficiently allocate work resources and strictly adhere to the schedule of tasks, as a result we achieve high speed of operations performed. We work with all areas of business:

  • Wholesale, where the key task is to quickly receive the goods and send them for sale. Suitable for all companies that have several outlets in different cities.
  • Importing companies. The Logistic Plus dock is used by everyone who imports goods to the territory of Ukraine, Europe and the CIS countries.
  • Small and medium business, large enterprises.

Logistic Plus offers optimal conditions for cargo transportation, the price of which will correspond to the quality and speed of the process. All our specialists have the practice of working in cross docking, so the transportation of goods is fast, and loading and unloading - carefully. We guarantee responsible transport and logistics services and 100% safety of goods.

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