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Fulfillment is the transfer of warehousing operations and storage of goods to a specialized company. It is an effective solution for small and medium businesses, online stores and suppliers. Now it is not profitable to rent a warehouse to work with small batches of goods, so 3PL operator Logistic Plus offers its customers a fulfilment service. The price for the service is lower than for an independent set of staff to process orders and maintain the efficiency of its own staff. And Logistic Plus operators provide high accuracy and productivity.

Fulfillment services:
who needs them and why?

Fulfillment - a set of warehousing operations that are carried out with the goods after the purchase order and before it is received by the buyer.
Mostly fulfilment from logistics companies includes:

  • Storage of goods from online stores and other small orders.
  • Receipt of cargo and its processing.
  • Complete set and repackaging.
  • Payment execution from buyer to supplier.
  • Work with returns, on demand.
  • 24/7 security and maintenance of reports on the work performed.

The cost of services depends on the amount of goods that need to be stored and sent to customers. The 3PL operator often receives the following requests from different customers:

  • Online stores. These include websites, marketplaces, TV stores, etc.
  • Sellers who trade wholesale or retail. They often need sticking, marking, re-assembly and delivery of goods to a certain point.
  • MLM companies.
  • Those who need a complete set (batch) in the shortest possible time.

Fulfillment services in Logistic Plus

The first thing that interests Logistic Plus customers is the price of the fulfillment. Tariffs for each type of service are presented on the website, the cost is stable and is specified in the contract. If you need to add orders for other services, call our managers. They will give competent answers to your questions; calculate the cost based on the full package of services.
We approach the formation of each order individually, taking into account the specifics of the business and the wishes of the client.
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