Transportation of groupage cargoes

Since 2008, Logistic Plus has been providing logistics services in Ukraine and abroad. A popular direction in this area is the transportation of groupage cargo. This service allows the client's company to rent not the entire vehicle, but only the necessary space in it.
As a result, goods from different suppliers are transported in one car. There are no requirements for the volume or weight of the cargo, it is important that the destinations were in the same locality or were on the transport route.
This is a cost-effective way to save on small batches to save and accumulate resources. Logistic Plus offers optimal pricing and tariffes.

What is groupage cargo transportation?

Transportation of groupage cargo is a service that began to be in demand in the logistics market a few years ago. This process solved the problem of inappropriate use of vehicles. Previously, the customer had to rent a truck even when transporting one unit of cargo. It was not profitable and expensive, especially over long distances. Transportation of groupage cargo or renting a place in motor transport by several clients allows transporting even small parties without excessive financial expenses. This is the best solution for those who work with small shipments.
How the process is arranged

Transportation of groupage cargoes is carried out as follows:

  • Cargo formation. To do this, the cargo should be delivered to the carrier's warehouse or taken from the supplier. After that, the goods are being packaged, labeled, packaged in containers and waiting to be shipped.
  • Forming a route. Trips to one settlement are selected.
  • Transporting cargoes.
  • The fourth stage is the unloading of goods at the point of distribution.

Logistic Plus customer benefits

The main advantage is savings. The customer does not pay for empty space in the vehicle, excess fuel spent on the road, etc.

In the case of groupage freight, the 3PL operator operates one flight but carries several consignments. The cost of the service is divided between all customers, depending on the volume of cargo. Today it is one of the most efficient and economical ways of delivery in Ukraine and abroad.

Speed of delivery and storage of cargo is another advantage of the service. Trips with groupage cargo are sent regularly, so you do not have to wait in line, or until the vehicle is fully loaded. All goods are transported in containers, warehouse staff makes sure that there is no damage.

More about the 3PL operator
Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus performs transportations of groupage cargoes in Ukraine and Europe. We have been working with small businesses and large enterprises of the country for more than ten years. Among our partners: Ferrero, Bacardi, Sony, Humana, Radomyshl plant and others.

We provide a wide range of transport and logistics services, including transportation of groupage cargo. Individuals, small and medium business owners, as well as large enterprises order delivery, when there is a need for oversized supplies. Departure of vehicles from warehouses takes place every day, we clearly adhere to the agreements with the client.

Delivery of groupage cargoes is required also at the international transportations. 3PL-operator finds the optimal route, deals with logistics issues and customs brokerage. With this approach, you can save significantly on international traffic.

Advantages of Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus takes over not only the transportation process itself, but also all the previous stages related to the organization and transportation. The professional organization of delivery Logistic Plus guarantees to clients:

  • In time delivery of goods in accordance with the agreements. Control at each stage.
  • Storage and processing of goods in the warehouse. If necessary, temporary or permanent storage is possible. Before departure, our specialists check the weight, quality of packaging and the availability of containers for movement.
  • When transporting groupage cargo, Logistic Plus draws up documents for customs on its own.
  • Selection of the appropriate vehicle 3PL-operator taking into account the characteristics of the cargo.
  • Delivery to the destination in time.

    Logistic Plus has been engaged in logistics transportation of goods since 2008. The company's experts clearly know how to get the best results with minimal resource costs.

    To perform the client's task, we connect:

    • own fleet of vehicles of different loads;
    • three warehouses in the Kiev region for permanent or temporary storage of cargo;
    • experienced staff;
    • loading and unloading equipment.
        We approach each order individually, choosing the best solution to achieve the goal. We provide forwarding services for tracking goods, as well as sending reports at the request of the client. Deferred consolidation algorithms allow us to fulfill urgent orders by reducing the time from receipt of goods to the time of transportation.
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