Best cargo transportation services in Kiev

Quality warehousing services in Kiev

Quality warehousing services in Kiev

Logistic Plus Ukraine, as a modern 3PL-operator, provides customers with comprehensive logistics solutions. In terms of warehousing logistics, we provide services of responsible storage of goods, their warehousing, picking orders, repackaging of goods and materials on own and leased warehouses.

Warehousing services in Kiev is a set of operations, including storage, warehousing, logistics, processing and delivery of goods. The purpose of warehousing services is to provide customers with quality service. We achieve this goal thanks to the latest technologies of warehousing of goods, modern warehousing equipment and professionalism of our staff.

On time deliveries of goods to the final consumer, highly attentive filling of documents, maintenance of absolute safety of inventory items. These points are extremely important in business. The professionalism of Logistic Plus Ukraine employees and modernized warehouse equipment is a guarantee of high-quality warehouse services. Our company guarantee execution of these key points.


Processing of goods


International and national

Brokerage and customs

Customs brokerage and clearance of goods

Thanks to many years of experience, we have assembled a team of professional staff who treat their work responsibly and with all attention.

Strengthening their reputation leading International companies order warehousing services from us. Thus, they transfer all obligations for storage and processing of goods to our company. Our Specialists are always ready to solve the most difficult problems of warehouse logistics.

We guarantee our customers the quality of storage and transportation of goods entrusted to us. We also have the most pleasant and loyal prices for warehousing services.

After signing the contract by both parties, all requirements and points for responsible storage of goods will be fulfilled, continuous and uninterrupted warehousing services are guaranteed for your company. By Outsourcing the logistics operations to Logistic Plus Ukraine, our customers receive qualified services. In addition, it is possible to translate the costs of operations and maintenance of various warehouses into non-fixed costs. Smart entrepreneurs transfer these funds to increase their core business.

A team of professionals
works in Logistic Plus Ukraine

They treat the goods and cargo of each customer with inalienable responsibility and attention. The warranty covers:

  • Comprehensive service of warehousing and logistics services;
  • High-quality storage of the goods entrusted to us;
  • Providing a full report on freight forwarding, storage and delivery conditions;

If you need information about the availability and condition of goods in stock, we will promptly provide it

The purpose of warehousing services is a successful customer business! Our main task is to inform customers always and timely about the condition of goods, as it is important for efficient logistics of distribution, transportation and most importantly, to build a successful business of our customers.
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