Responsible storage in Logistic Plus:

Main advantages

The business that is focused on selling goods has to be equipped with storage space for goods. But now small businesses and entrepreneurs can rarely afford to buy storage space. Therefore, the rent is much more convenient. Responsible storage has become a top offer in terms of efficiency and costs. It covers unloading, registration of documentation, protection and security, maintenance of the goods taking into account sanitary norms and the corresponding temperature mode, cargo works before departure.

Logistic Plus has modern equipped warehouses that are designed for responsible storage services. The staff keeps records, so customers can find out what, how and when happened to their product before the customer received it. We have favorable prices for responsible storage and we guarantee 100% safety of the goods received from the supplier.

Features of the procedure of responsible storage

Entrepreneurs and commercial organizations turn to a 3PL operator to deliver the goods to their destination. As production of goods requires long-term storage of products, the logistics company places the goods in its warehouses. As it is profitable to outsource the goods from the moment of delivery to the moment of sale, Logistic Plus offers a responsible storage service.
Who may need responsible storage of goods:

  • For prepaid suppliers. For the entire duration of banking operations, the 3PL operator assumes the storage of goods in appropriate conditions.
  • Buyers who agree to accept the goods only after inspection.
  • The party who does not want to pay for the cargo due to violation of one of the clauses of the contract.
  • Small business owners working with seasonal goods.
  • Importers launching a test sales line.

Responsible storage of goods in Ukraine helps to solve the problem of safe placement of goods that will be transported after some time. In addition, we are supporting companies that do not require a constant content of warehouses.

It covers :

  • Unloading of goods from transport.
  • Receipt and placement in the warehouse of goods, accounting. Reporting using special equipment for each type of goods.
  • Complete set and repacking of separate commodity units at the request of the customer.
  • Marking. Each product in the sales process must have a special label that meets the requirements of the law.
  • Loading of goods into the transport at the end of the period of responsible storage.

If necessary, the customer can contact the logistics company with a request to make additional terms. If the 3PL-operator is able to provide the required type of services, a contract will be signed, according to which all responsibility for the goods falls on the shoulders of the company.

Logistic Plus: responsible storage in a logistics company

Logistic Plus works with a variety of products, from groceries to medical equipment. Therefore, when providing services, our specialists try to take into account the interests of both parties to the contract. The cost of responsible storage at the 3PL-operator depends on the number of services provided. If you are interested in the price of a certain amount of cargo, you can contact the managers, and they will estimate the approximate cost.
    Advantages of Logistic Plus:

    • Multilevel pallet storage system.
    • Shelves for small units.
    • Each storage room for responsible storage has a dust cover.
    • Loading takes place with the help of new equipment.
    • Daily reporting.
    • 3PL-operator provides responsible storage services in Kiev, near the main transport hubs of the country and routes to Europe and the CIS.

    Logistic Plus is a company with many years of experience and we guarante the safety of the goods at any time.
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