Intermodal transportation with Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus is a successful 3PL operator. We provide transportation and logistics services in Ukraine and around the world. We are constantly expanding the list of services for our customers. We organize different types of transportation: container, prefabricated, refrigerated and intermodal. For intermodal transportation we use several units of transport, organizing the transportation process and carry out all preparatory work.

What is intermodal cargo transportation?

This is a logistics service that is carried out using several units of transport. The goal is the consistent delivery of goods by several modes of transport. All cargo is in containers so that it can be safely and quickly transported from one truck to another. This is required when changing vehicles.

The whole process can take place under the guidance of a 3PL-operator, which frees the customer from unnecessary costs, hours for freight management. If there is a need for international deliveries, we undertake customs brokerage.

During intermodal transportation of goods it is important to save time, therefore all process is made out on one documentation. Often this type of transportation is accompanied by forwarding services for quality control at all stages of delivery by a qualified specialist. The client monitors all these stages in the reporting documentation, as well as with the help of logistics information systems.

Advantages of the intermodal transportation system

This type of delivery is aimed to reduce freight costs and reduce delivery time. You do not need to sign a contract with several companies, because there is a more convenient way. You simplify all management and the organization of process, and also have guarantees of quality of cargo.

3PL-operator independently finds the route, selects the optimal transport, creates an algorithm of transportation.

Why Logistic Plus?

Logistic Plus is a Ukrainian company of international level, which offers customers responsible intermodal transportation, both domestic and international.
Our advantages:

  • Delivery to the destination day by day.
  • Fast paperwork.
  • The route consists of experienced logisticians.
  • Cargo storage.
  • Adherence to service quality standards.
  • Optimal cost.
    Intermodal transport will be useful for anyone who needs to organize efficient delivery of goods, especially from abroad. This is a way to save and be confident in the safety of the product.
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