Refrigerated transportations
across Ukraine

For more than 13 years, Logistic Plus has been transporting goods in Ukraine and abroad. In recent years, refrigerated transportation has become increasingly popular in this area. This demand can be explained by the need for fast and safe delivery of perishable products over long distances.
The usual transport algorithm is not suitable for, for example, milk and meat, as air and sunlight enter the standard container. This affects temperature fluctuations, shelf life and the appearance of food. To solve this problem, Logistic Plus offers refrigerated transportation to Ukraine.

What is refrigerated transportation?

Refrigerated transportation is container transportation of goods that require compliance with special temperature conditions, humidity levels, as well as compliance with sanitary norms or speed of delivery. Such goods are mainly food products that have a certain shelf life and storage conditions.
Refrigerated transportation is required to deliver:

  • Meat and fish products, semi manufactured products.
  • Milk and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, etc.).
  • Fruits, vegetables, berries.
  • Confectionery.
  • Deep-frozen foods.
  • Substances with a special chemical composition that require compliance with the temperature regime.
  • Plants that do not tolerate heat.
  • Medicines, medical equipment, etc.

Not all products need refrigeration equipment. Therefore, refrigerated transportation in Ukraine is carried out in two ways:

  • In isothermal vans. These are special containers that do not transmit light, heat or cold from the outside. They work on the principle of thermal insulation. Goods of a certain temperature are transported to the van, which will be maintained during transportation. This type is suitable for short routes, for example, between cities and neighboring villages.
  • In refrigerators. This type of van can keep the temperature from -18 to +20 ˚C over long distances within the country and on international flights.

Advantages of refrigerated transportation in Ukraine

Refrigerated transportation requires a certain temperature regime for each type of product. Therefore, delivery trucks have their own specifications, which are confirmed by certificates. In order to limit the contact of cargo with the platforms for transportation use special packaging or containers. Such actions allow to adhere to clear norms of sanitary safety.

Different types of goods require different temperatures. For example, a restaurant needs to deliver a batch of dairy products and frozen vegetables without violating the temperature regime. The first option is to rent separate trucks for different batches. The second is to order refrigerated transportation in one truck, because cars equipped with refrigerators have several compartments. In each of them the temperature is adjusted separately, so you can transport several different types of cargo. As a result, the cost of transportation will be lower and productivity will be higher.

Logistic Plus is a leader in logistics transportation in Ukraine

Logistic Plus provides refrigerated transportation to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine. Companies working with international partners have become regular customers of the company. For economical and timely delivery, the company uses three types of machines:

  • Vans. This vehicle operates over short distances and holds 3-5 tons. They are equipped with heat-protective containers, less often - refrigerators. Used for delivery to neighboring cities or villages.
  • Trucks (wagons). These machines easily hold 3 to 5 tons of products of any type. They are often equipped with refrigerators and sent over long distances, for example, throughout Ukraine or abroad.
  • Semi-trailer. They are similar in functionality to trucks. They differ only in capacity. The loading rate of the trailer is from 5 tons.

Refrigerated transportation in Ukraine has three types of temperature regime. Logistic Plus most often orders class "C". Refrigeration equipment of this format is able to maintain the temperature from -20 to +12 ˚C. Demand for them is formed by their universality. Also in Logistic Plus there are refrigerators of the type "A" supporting temperature from 0 to +12 ˚C and type "B", with a temperature mode from -10 to 12 ˚C.

Advantages of the 3PL operator Logistic Plus

Logistic Plus specialists are experienced in the field of transport and logistics. We know all the key points of freezing equipment and come up with the stages of cargo transportation. Logistic Plus deals with documentation and monitors compliance with the mode of refrigerated transportation.
The 3PL operator Logistic Plus is:

  • Qualitative development of the transportation plan, beginning from a choice of a route and the vehicle, finishing with registration of all documentation concerning delivery.
  • Open information on all stages of refrigerated transportation in Ukraine. Our systems help to keep track of what is happening with the goods at all points, so you will know exactly how the transportation takes place.
  • Work in all regions of Ukraine and cooperation with companies abroad.
  • Delivery of goods in the shortest possible time.
  • Guarantee of observance of temperature and sanitary norms provided for each type of cargo.
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