Transport logistics

Full range of services for the organization of road transport in Ukraine.

Cargo transportation

Logistic Plus Ukraine Company operates in the field of both domestic and international transportation since 2005, Over the years of being among the leaders, the company has achieved a great level of experience in this field, mastered all the pros and cons and explored all the nuances of trucking.

Logistic Plus Ukraine always monitors the strict observance by carriers of their direct obligations, such as a mandatory license for their type of activity, whether international or domestic transportation, or even the transportation of oversized cargo in the city.

Freight transportation is the main direction of our work

The Logistic Plus Ukraine Company carries out trucking across all country, and in the shortest possible time. By contacting our company, you will be able to choose from countless offers from carriers the one that will suit you according to all requirements. The option you choose will be the most economical and convenient. Cargo transportation in Kyiv, Ukraine and even in Europe is what we have been doing for 10 years. During this time, we have already formed a strong customer base. At first glance, finding a professional in this field seems an easy task, but it is not. From time to time, our clients return to us, because the Logistic Plus Ukraine employees have already convinced by their own experience of finding a certain alternative to any difficult situation.

Cargo transportation in Ukraine also provides an opportunity for the customer to track the movement of his luggage and, of course, some control over the order. In addition, the company offers a simple and comfortable payment system that will save not only money but also your time.
  • Our company provides trucks, type "euro-truck" from 1 to 33 pallet places;
  • Without temperature regime: covered, all metal, car carriers;
  • Requiring temperature: thermoses, refrigerators (-25 Co + 25 Co);
  • All cars have sanitary passports;
  • Complete set of trucks with unloading on warehouses of the logistics company "Logistic-plus" and delivery to the client;
  • Organization of customs cargo deliveries;
  • Full documentary support of transportations (preparation of registers of the executed flights, and also other reports at the request of the client);
  • Control over the movement of road trains;
  • Timely arrival of trucks for loading;
  • Control over the execution of documents;
  • Transportation within Ukraine.

Delivery of complete pallet cargoes across Ukraine

Providing a full range of services for the organization of transportation of cargo pallet shipments by road in Ukraine.

Additional information

  • Responsibility for the safety of goods;
  • Additional discounts for long-term cooperation;
  • Order and provide transport "Today for Today" within 2 hours after receiving the order or "Today for Tomorrow";
  • At the request of the client, every 3 hours (from 9-00 to 18-00) on the mobile phone specified in the application comes information on the movement of the car, the status of loading and unloading, problems, in case of their occurrence;
  • Availability of mobile communication with drivers.
After completing any transportation within the specified period, we will ensure the return of all supporting documents, as well as the preparation of accounting documents in accordance with customer requirements.

Delivery of groupage pallet cargoes

  • Regular flights according to the schedule to the cities of Ukraine;
  • Receiving of cargo in agreement with the client in any point of the city and Ukraine, delivery to the recipient;/li>
  • Transit storage and handling of cargo in the warehouse with subsequent booking for the next scheduled flight;
  • Delivery "from door to door", "from a warehouse to a warehouse", "from a warehouse to a door";
  • Urgent delivery beyond the regular schedule.
  • Consolidation of small consignments in warehouses in Ukraine.

The issue of pricing is always one of the key factors that guide the cargo owner when choosing a carrier company. It is very important that the cost of services is not overstated, so that transport costs do not take a significant place in the cost of production.
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